4 Days

Day 1
Guiding you ... from Lisbon to Évora. Before arriving in Évora, we’ll visit the Almendres Cromlech, the largest collection of structured menhirs in the Iberian Peninsula. We’ll visit Évora and its city centre that was considered world heritage site by UNESCO in 1986. Lunch at a local restaurant, where you can taste the local cuisine, known for the use of herbs. In the afternoon, we’ll visit the Roman Temple of Diana, the Cathedral of gothic style and the Chapel of Bones located at St. Francis Church. Accommodation in Évora.

Day 2
Guiding you ... to the city of Monsaraz, one of the oldest Portuguese cities. Next, we’ll visit the new Aldeia da Luz, where you’ll be marvelled by the relaxing scenery of the largest artificial lake in Europe, the Alqueva. Next stop: Mourão, where you can have lunch. Finally, we’ll arrive at the Algarve region. Accommodation in Olhão.

Day 3
Guiding you ... to Vilamoura, where you can have a walk at the marina and lunch at The Lake Resort. Then we’ll head to Lagos and to Sagres, where you can visit the St. Vincent Cape, the southwest extreme of Europe and symbol of the Portugal's discoveries that dazzles us with the majesty of its cliffs. Accommodation in Sagres.

Day 4
Guiding you ... back to Lisbon, with stops in Vila Nova de Milfontes and São Torpes for a lunch by the sea. Then, en route to Azeitão, we’ll pass through the Natural Park of Arrábida, before arriving to Lisbon.